I am a passionate collie lover when it comes to having pets at home. Now, I am making other dog lovers the same!

- Nathan Nicholas, the Founder

We are a non-profit, only-volunteer community dedicated to nurturing collies of any breed. We also facilitate adoption of these collies by pet lovers.

Our Ongoing Mission

Our mission is to rescue and nurture every possible collie who needs any kind of care and help. Just as the experts rescue humans in emergency or in troubles, we rescue these short-lived dogs and puppies at any time and from any accessible place. We are passionate collie rearers who are always on their toes to save these young and friendly lives. We take in, nurture, and find adaptable homes for collies.

What we do

We just do not protect or rescue collies but also nurture them by giving them their own happy shelters, medical aid, and food. We raise them just as we humans raise our infants. For us, there is no discrimination in raising a baby or a collie in terms of treatment and care required for the same. Their adoption is also possible and easier with us.

Our simple adoption procedure!

Select a collie

There are different friendly breeds, which means you should choose based on their characteristics that best match your requirements. We have the friendliest ones with us being reared with love and care. What you need to know is that not all collies are the same.

While all of them are friendliest with kids, each has its own unique characteristics making them to belong to one of the two main categories mainly, rough and smooth. You should know about these two main types of collies before choosing one of them for your home and kids.

See us

Once you choose your collie pet, it is time to meet us and proceed accordingly to fulfill all the formalities. As of now, these formalities cannot take place through any online means. Thus, it is essential to meet us in person.

We still believe in face-to-face adoption procedure, as it is the only way you can meet your dog before filling the adoption form. After all, you would like to see your collie before finally deciding to take her or him home, right? We would also like to see you too!

Submit the adoption form

After meeting us, it is time to finalize the adoption. This is done by filling and submitting a small adoption form just as you fill any admission form. This form indicates your decision of adopting a collie, in writing and as a proof.

Once you fill this form, we cross-check it once and ask for the essential ID and residence proofs. Then, if everything is fine, we take you to your selected collie. This is when you can take him with you to your home. Our adoption procedure is that simple!

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